What people say about tara’s music

When I was on migration with the wildebeests of Tanzania, the theme song playing in my head was Tara Greenblatt’s soaring “Flocks and Shoals.” In so many of her songs, Tara and her band seem to capture the voices of land, sea and skies. But no—capture is the wrong word here: instead, her songs seem to free them. Her music makes wildness sing in my heart
— Sy Montgomery, Animalist, and Author of ‘Tamed and Untamed’, and ‘Soul of an Octopus’

Tara’s original music is in the genre of contemporary folk with a ‘roots music’ feel. Her lyrics tell potent stories while the guitar, acoustic upright bass, and luscious, Jazzy harmonies all provide a driving, textural landscape. Her voice captures both a wild innocence and age-old wisdom. Her strong melodies, infectious beats, and bold harmonies will suck you in
— Rick Dumont, Milford Cabinet Staff

My favorite song is Tara Greenblat’s “Fame and Money.” There’s plenty of truth in that song. But the best words to describe the Tara Greenblat band are “joy” and “beauty.” The musicians and singers are very gifted indeed, and all the songs are memorable. You can’t help but dance, your worries fade away, and you have a great experience you remember for a long, long time.
— Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, Animalist, Anthropologist, and Author of ‘The Hidden Life of Life’, The Hidden Life of Dogs”, “Tamed and Untamed